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Enrico Gherardi
6 anni fa
Enrico Gherardi Artista
Thank you.
La Dama del Lago (l'ho uccisa)
6 anni fa
Thank you! :-)
Gesto Segno Disegno
6 anni fa
Gesto Segno Disegno Organizzatore
Thank Keniki, look at this initiative to grow and spread the art free of everybody

Workshop online
to make a show / collective work
from September 1 to November 29, 2013

The Review of Contemporary Art "Gesto Segno Disegno" at the 9th day of Contemporary Art organized by AMACI (Association of Museums d 'Arte Contemporanea Italian) is building a online workshops with the purpose of creating a work of art company, which later became a traveling group show.
By filling in a form anyone interested will be able to modify the work starting with the title "Sainte Chapelle."
Fabiana Collotto
6 anni fa
Thank you for the friendship :)
Kenichi Sawazaki
6 anni fa
Thank you for your message!
Giorgio Fileni
6 anni fa
Giorgio Fileni Artista
Grazie dell'amicizia!

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