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rossano nistri
8 anni fa
rossano nistri Artista
Dipinti giovani e freschi, in cui l'atteggiamento trendy è in realtà una intelligente funzione critica ed etica (se la parola non è troppo impegnativa). Mi piacciono!
Bomben Ivana
10 anni fa
Bomben Ivana Artista
Brava Natascha, complimenti.
giuseppe trimarchi
10 anni fa
Complimenti per le tue opere!
10 anni fa
Indifference leads to barbarity and barbarity to catastrophe and pain… The only way, as I see it, to stop this ill luck, is not anger and aggression, but honesty and love, the words of heart we exchange the last few weeks, not only between professionals but also with amateurs, collectors, galleries, critics, journalists and visitors… For me it was and still remains a unique experience –a “job” I took seriously– and I am very grateful to all of you, MY FRIENDS, for that!… From over a thousand friends (and favourite works), one out of ten found the time to exchange some honest and kind words… This ratio, I would say, is a good one, because if one out of ten artists of the world has this elementary sensibility, the future of the blue planet earth seems to be in good hands… Be always touched with Life, yours Takis
steven smith
10 anni fa
Hi Natasha,

I like your work especially, "soupper love club milan3".

This a lovely composition filled with happiness and freedom, nice technique and skin tone.

Nice work.


steven smith

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