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Gianpaolo Marchesi
7 anni fa
Ciao. Grazie per l'amicizia.
Mario Esposito
7 anni fa
Mario Esposito Artista
Beata thanks for your friendship, compliments for your works very beautiful.
10 anni fa

Hi Beata,
Have you got this message?
Are you interested in participating in an Intrnational Group Exhibition late next year (2010) in Athens???
If yes, then have a look on my C Studio Events(1)...
Keep in touch and take care, yours Takis
Marcelino Varas
10 anni fa
Marcelino Varas Artista
Thank you to prefer my work!
I very impressed about your use of color. Good luck!
design by ricci
10 anni fa
design by ricci Artista
Your use of color and light is stunning!
steven smith
10 anni fa
Good Morning Beata,

I like your technique and use of color.
It is almost neon.
Very nice.


steven smith

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