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Giorgio Fileni
7 anni fa
Giorgio Fileni Artista
Grazie per l'amicizia!
Sinéad Duggan
7 anni fa
Sinéad Duggan Artista
Thank u Nasser, nice works, great colours,best regards,Sinéad
Gianpaolo Marchesi
8 anni fa
Ciao. Grazie per l'amicizia e complimenti per la tua produzione artistica.
enrica merlo
9 anni fa
enrica merlo Artista
Mike Veles
10 anni fa
Mike Veles Artista
That's cool! I'll look forward to that. Just post it ahead of time in your Events to keep me updated. :-)

Genway Gao
10 anni fa
Genway Gao Artista
Thank you for the friendship.
Congratulation to you on both exhibitions in Berlin and Taipei, did you have a wonderful time in Taipei?

Salamat muli at umaasa na makita ang mas maraming kuwadro sa lalong madaling panahon!
Mike Veles
10 anni fa
Mike Veles Artista
Cheers! I hope to see your artworks (in person) here in the Philippines. It will be an event! ;-)
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
10 anni fa
A friend will not keep a distance from each-other. A friend will not know the fear to be close to their friends. Friendship is in our heart and it connects us instantly through our openess and you've shared your warmth from your heart and friendship my dear friend Nasser Lubay. It is my joy meeting a friend in this world to truely communicate and share the moment in our life. Journey in this world side by as a friend is always joyable experience in life my dear friend Nasser. Wonderful artist is all in the heart and it is lovely to meet friend like yourself.

Your friend emily eunjue hayes
Roberto Vaggi
10 anni fa
Roberto Vaggi Artista
Thank you.
Lelya Borisenko
11 anni fa
Lelya Borisenko Artista
Thanks for a congratulation! Nasser that we will perfectly participate!!!! I thank ' Celeste Prize ' for this possibility!!! And how many pictures you have exposed is it is not important! Important that people will admire your painting! It is super!

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