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10 anni fa
Hi Elena,
Have you got this message?
Are you interested in participating in an International Group Exhibition late next year (2010) in Athens???
If yes, then have a look on my C Studio Events(1)...
Keep in touch and take care, yours Takis
Gianguido Oggeri Breda
10 anni fa
originalissima! una interessante ricerca. complimenti
Nicolas Constantin
10 anni fa
hi,thx a lot for your friendship.would be pleasure to see more of your work here.I will upload soon some more audio-visual pieces here,quite a lot of them also deal with the human body.would be interested in your opinion.cari pensieri.nicolas
Tremaine Harris
10 anni fa
Tremaine Harris Artista
Thank you for the friendship and your work is a very creative expression of the human body.

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