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Rossana Corti
11 anni fa
Rossana Corti Artista
I love deeply Louise Bourgeois! And your work is full of passion and feel the life inside the canvas .. Wonderful!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 anni fa
Wonderful meeting you Maria Edit Antal.
To journey in this world together as a one, we had to meet and share. We share our friendship through our sincerety from our heart. To be true, to be connected as a one, we are here as an artist. Thank you very much for your kind and warm frienship and we will stay in-touch.
Wonderful journey in this world with lot of your future friends and friends Maria Edit Antal.

Your friend emily eunjue hayes
Maria Edit  Antal
11 anni fa
Looks like we have common intrests and I am glad.
Suzan Leisering
11 anni fa
Suzan Leisering Artista
beautiful work, I like what you write about it too. Very inspiring!

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