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Someone is crying out for a friend, an e-friend, even if he/she will disappear next second… Someone is thankful for a friendship request, an e-request, even if it doesn’t last… The need of being Friend with someone –anyone– is so huge that even its illusion is enough to make someone happy for a moment… And really how much it hurts when this tasteless “friendship” boils away and disappears –something expected from the beginning– as if it never existed… And all that just by sitting in front of a screen and pushing buttons…
I wonder where is the meaning of a “friendship” between artists when there is no mutual admiration or at least acceptance of their artistic work… In my opinion there is a lot of hypocrisy, personal “profit” and selfishness… Friendship is not a horrifying computer game…
By choosing a friend, even an e-friend, I think there is no need to study the “quality” and expression of his/her work, but to look carefully at the expression and pain of his/her face…We are not in need of “fancy” artists, but we are in great need of sensitive men and women, who can be creative and useful, for a better society…
steven smith
8 anni fa
Hi Luca,

Your work is lovely especially, "Up or down-sopra o sotto".
I like your use of color and wet technique.
Very nice.

steven smith

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