ana is an uruguayan artist. she was worked as music producer several years, and as communication manager in several agencies and companies.
ana's main works are visual artworks, and includes paints, collages and several installations. ana works with day-to-day elements. she creates using books, packaging materials and fabrics as a canvas. over these materials, ana paints with acrylic, oil, tempera or organic material.
her collages combines ordinary objects, phrases from books, fabrics and papers.
in the middle of this diversity, there are no places for pre-defined styles or categories. each artwork is a kind of lab, and each work is an unique experience itself.
may be the most personal signature of ana is precisely that she hasn't one in the most cases. however, when you see the paints two elements have well defined in her work: the recurring faces and characters, and her ability to create awesome tones of blue for their.
these artworks was made during several years, but just now are exposed to the general public. enjoy the experience of this a humble gift from who has something to share with all of us.