A mixed media artist seeking to express through traditional and non traditional mediums.
Being a nomad and a citizen of the world has its own rewards. I was born in Pakistan ,studied in United States and call Latin America my home. This juxtapositioning of different cultures has awakened my sensory perception to an infinite end. I feel like a time traveler weaving in and out of different times and cultures. My ideas draw inspiration from all and seek common ground . Mixed media gives me an ideal playground to experiment and create a coherent dialogue between my ideas and the audience. My iniciation as a clasically trained painter clashes head-on with the tecnology available today. I don’t see that as a limitation rather I feel it affords me a greater opportunity to express myself. I constantly switch my mediums of expresion using painting, drawing, collage, photography & instalations together or separate depending on which side of the bed I get off on that day. My true intent is always to capture my raw reaction to which ever environment I find myself and document how it changes me or how I change it. My creative process seeks a total involvment with my surroundings. I feel that my surroundings have changed me as I have changed them as well.My work is a documentary of my journey through life. I feel , I encapsulate the moment & I share. In a larger sense my work is more autobiographical than a mere combination of colors or patterns. Images, words,color,smells, sounds & sensory perceptions are all part and parcel of my creative process. I seek to communicate all these in a two dimentional way. I want the audience to percieve the same emotions that I felt while creating my work. I am still in the process of writing the story of my life ...some chapters done, more to come.