My main medium is painting with oil on canvas. Painting gives me the strongest sense of freedom for expressing my inner feelings in a sensual and poetic way.
I prefer to work in series to focus on a certain theme.
Coming from a graphic background I also like to work with stencils using spray paint and playing with form and colour. I also concentrate on painting in black and white because to me it allows a stronger sense of the narrative.

I derive my visual language from my early experiences in Africa, specifically from the savannah in Kenya and the Sahara desert in Niger. From an early age on I questioned mankind’s relationship towards nature and wildlife.

Furthermore, I am also interested in the relationship between man and women from a female perspective.

I work with the male figure in an African setting, using the savannah animals as metaphors for human behaviour.

Prototypes are the lion and the lioness, depicting power and decline, dominance and devotion, desire and rejection.