There is something incredibly magical and wonderfully fulfilling about creating something from nothing with my own hands. And in turn, time and again, I discover a force deeper within myself that I never even knew existed.

I am a self-taught, Professional Artist from outback Australia, flourishing from a natural talent, exceptional eye, passion and dedication. I am inspired by brilliant block colour and striking contrast, by the sensual curves of the female body and the faultless lines of geometry and pattern; Telling my stories through stunning beauty and bold fashion, by feminine sensuality and mystery, and by womanly sexuality and strength.

All of my work is created by hand. My fine lines are all executed using a small flat brush, even hand, and steadfast concentration. I then apply layer upon layer of colour achieving beautiful unyielding saturation and impeccable print-like quality.

I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love in life and I am harnessing and relishing every opportune moment. My art is unique, it is beautiful and passionate work and it is everything inside me that I give to you.

Tanya Marie Reeves.