I am a creative artist running my own art studio in Salzburg. My recent focus has been in landscape painting. Since 2013 my artwork has been exhibited at major art exhibitions in London, Vienna, South Korea (Busan) and China (Shanghai).

As well as running my own art studio, I draw, illustrate and write short stories for children's books. I also draw and illustrate sketches for commercial clients here in Austria and I teach art and art history at an art school in Austria.

Prior to running my art own studio, I successfully completed my university degree in art history, art and design at the University of Salzburg. I have also studied printing and reprographics techniques, lithography, typography, art history, colour theory, stylistics, marketing and advertising. As well as my studies I have successfully completed courses in commercial imagery, media lab, photography and video editing as well as undertaking extensive training in drawing, landscape painting, anatomical drawing, perspective drawing and writing drawing.