My artworks emphasize on expressing the features of oil painting in the digital and network era, trying to vitalize the ancient technology by cooperating with the high-tech machines and internet. In perception, I try to bring the “virtual reality” to the “social reality” definition, the former exists in the digital and network world, on which the human beings are living everyday but is turned a blind eye to. Here the bubble and fragmented shaped time-space relationship needs to be realigned, and the understandings of vacuum and plenum break away from the ontology context of traditional philosophy. Blood Pressure, Sphygmus, Retina, Nerve, Emotion and other physiological and psychological behaviors interact with the fast-flowing information, and some new things that are different from the ancients burst in. This kind of arts are still forming, nothing to learn from the world art history. What I can do is keep on researching and thinking independently. The past ten years’ researches and painting experiences tell me that Art is also a kind of interesting religion, whose meanings are more than oneself. I am determined to be a running man on my art adventure like Forrest Gump.