For a long time, photography has left the reserved domain of testimony and remembrance to explore more poetic lands, sinking into the realm of emotions, or interfering with borders of abstraction. Carol Letanneur was able to venture on these side roads Her photograph of the other, others, we discover in her first series "Mother and Child" a very special relationship between a mother and her child in their bodily contact, intimacy so deep that one prefers to only glance quickly. She presents today "Abuela" in 2011 she began photographing her grandmother then aged 100 years old a precise and detailed work juxtaposing the strong personality of her model and the fragility of the body marked by over a century of lifes stories. Her approach evolves mainly around the link between identity and otherness, the body as exploration territory are central to her photographic work. The body becomes portrait or territory, an endless exploration. A constant questioning of the relationship to the other, to ones self and the photographic image. With each individual photographed, it is an encounter, an exchange that ends with the telling of the story of a life engraved in the flesh.