Delta NA is comprised of artists Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola.

They met at the University of Turin where they graduated in Psychology in 2003. Since childhood, both of them had always a great passion for art, so after falling in love and becoming a couple, they changed their lives becoming professional artists and using their psychological background to explore themselves so deeply to reach a complete expression of their souls.
Delta N.A. total and complex collaboration mixes together male and female, two different souls and two different way of seeing the world; thanks to their strong connection and to the complete technical and emotional fusion, Delta N.A. hearts beat at the same rhythm creating artwork that seem made by only one artist.

“The story of this couple of artists seems to come out of the pages of the "Elective Affinities" of Goethe, where an irresistible force of attraction is binding inextricably two people.” (Armando Brignolo, La Stampa).