I am a Polish-Italian photographer based in Rome.
I discovered my passion for photography during my long stay in Asia, particularly in China, India and South Korea where I had a chance to travel across many different countries in the Asian continent.
Photography evolved from a means to remember to a tool of exploration that has allowed me to expand my knowledge about these foreign lands, their people and the myriad of different cultures.
Those experiences have unearthed in me a different view of the world and a creativity that allows me to photograph the world around me.
I started as an autodidact then I attended photography schools specializing in travel and social reportage and portrait but now I also process my photographs with digital tools to get a more artistic and creative result.
In this context, I created the photographic project “Art ’n art” with which I like to relive places, monuments, works of art and in particular their past and revive them in a different habitat. Bringing them back from oblivion to a new life…
I would like to convey to all viewers my vision and its emotions.