Samantha is a Scottish born artist, whom has spent a portion of her upbringing in Portugal. She obtains a first class honors degree from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, also spending a semester studying in Toronto ON. She is currently undertaking an MFA in Art and Humanities in Dundee.

Recent successes include exhibiting as part of the New Contemporaries exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh 2015 and being selected as part of The New Scottish Artists exhibition at the Fleming Collection Gallery in London also this year.

One could say my work dwells in the cusp between the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’. Unseen forces dictate my work: I negotiate a reflective process engaged in moving into, and out of, matter, the very matter of being. The characters in my work appear to reveal masked identities, strangely formed presences, or half-revealed personalities, in an attempt to uncover truths about who we are as a 'public' as opposed to the sole individual. I pose the question, how do we understand and represent, through images the nature of our interactions that are unseen but equally felt among us. The work continually poses questions: how do we understand and represent being? Through metamorphosing images, the nature of our interactions are mostly unseen but partially made visible in shaping identity. There becomes apparent energies that are exchanged but somehow remain incomplete, in a never-ending pool of floating desires, aspirations, fears, struggles, admiration's, intimate connections and feelings of disconnection and isolation. It aims to expose our differences and similarities through shared histories, unique experience, chance encounters, varying cultural traditions and contemporary society to coalesce into suggestions of ‘honest’ humans, composite though they may be.