Our lives are made of moments. And all these moments, emotions and experiences are connected in an invisible net. In my art I try to capture these moments as I experience them.

My drawings are made of multiple layers of fine delicate lines with which I try to convey my way of seeing things. Fine lines are a necessity, since I am not able to draw any other way. My hands don’t have the full functionality of a healthy artist. I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and I do have mild problems with using my hands for precision tasks. Maybe because of that I love to get my work as precise as I can get it. Gentle lines are the connections nets of my world.

Color is something that makes my eyes smile. Isn’t it the best thing in the world to experience a garden full of plants and flowers? Or a box full of pastels… or a palette covered with blobs of paint… I very often need to resist the urge to use more colours, I have to stop myself from adding more and more to my palette. Old Masters were able to achieve incredible depth and range with just limited palette. I stil try to learn how do this.
In my paintings I like to capture the softness and fragility of people and objects. Even the most harsh environment and character have something lyrical about them and this is what I am searching for. I cannot draw or paint something that doesn’t connect with me. Everything has a story that can touch you and even if it doesn’t, you can make one up and add some poetry to your world.

Ceramics is a different story. Up till now I only created practical things, like pots, mugs and tiles.The production process is something I am quite certain about. The method to throw pots on a wheel or make tiles is always the same with some variables. Working like that can seem to have something mechanical and automatic about it, with less mindful decision moments I have to make when drawing or painting. Being busy with clay has a grounding effect. When the painting doesn’t go well you can always go back to basics and play with some clay. Some people do gardening, I do ceramics.

All these areas of my creative life are connected with each other as the moments in my atelier pass by. Ideas come and go, some stick for longer than others. I really hope that you, the viewer of my work who took the time to read about it, will find something that gives you as much pleasure as making art gives me.

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