For me, photography has always been the ability to express emotions, feelings and dreams that other internal means of communication fail to express, not even words…
How many times are we faced with the limited attempt to describe a feeling experienced in our childhood, or a perfume? How many times a color or a scene takes us back to the past, as if we had already experienced that moment? When we try to describe to others one of these inner emotions, we are unable to make an exact description, even if we try hard to do so. We fail to convey the same "flavor" that we tasted.
Photography thus gives me the ability to extract that "magic" world that I carry within me and bring it to life, even for the observer who interacts with it and makes it his own, imagining what exists beyond a wall, behind a face etc.., bringing in his own personal experience.
This is why this kind of photography stands out among my different experiments. And, although the shots are very often on the move, they immortalize sets of expressions and faces, blending lights, shadows and colors that evoke my inner experience and still make me dream.