Johanna Amnelin

Born 25.3.1976 in Turku, Finland.

Lives in Salo.

Award winning photographer based in Salo, Finland.

Invited to joint exhibitions all the way to Switzerland, Helsinki, Somero, etc.

Her works has been presented in an American rap artist's (Struggle, the grandson of country star Waylon Jennings) blog several times.

Works as a photographer and a designer in her own small business Ateljee Amnelin.

Specialist Qualification in Product Development.

"I photograph all kinds of things, but over the time I've noticed that the decaying, abandoned and forgotten things are particularly close to my heart.

They also speaks how fleeting everything in our world is, today the necessary Wärtsilä cranes are tomorrow's redundant relics left to rust on the river Aura's shore.

Times change, needs change, without photography, who will remember yesterday?

Taking pictures is my therapeutic way to express myself, to deal with my past, my future, explore the world around me and to remember, and to remind to stop, take a breath, to view, to explore the change and growth, to admire the wonders around us.

I would like to remind you that beauty is everywhere, you don't have to go far to experience the beauty. Autumn's mortality and beautiful colors interests me.

I prefer taking pictures in ambient light and in old abandoned places or where ever I take photos, I never touch or move anything I photograph.

The authenticity of the moment and the object is important to me and I want to show it to the people just the way they were. The most beautiful experiences lie in the fleeting moments, so seize the moment and save it to your camera!"