I was born in Legnano, Italy. After the highschool I completed a BA in graphic design at the Politecnico University of Milano and applied for a Master in printmaking the Brera Fine Art Academy, Milano.
Thanks to the Erasmus exchange program, I went to study 6 months in the Fine Art Academy of Munich where, since 2011, never moved from.
In 2015 i completed my studies and graduated as a sculptor.

My work draws inspiration from my interest in the physical sciences and the role (and history) of mankind in their understanding.
The research I follow aims to reinterpret the absolute realities of nature under new circumstances and to re-proportion these realities to a more "human" scale.
Within this frame, the physical limits of our knowledge are being retold through their opposites and their paradoxes.
The research process I adopt is based on a trial and error strategy. This approach often triggers failure as an acceptable and even welcomed aspect of the final artwork.
This outcome of my research aims to interrogate mankind's curiosity juxtaposed to its naivety.
My projects are about the act of trying despite all the known shortcomings. They try to project an image of humanity in the face of nature that is vulnerable, manipulative, humble and brave.