i capture fragments of people in their daily lives and the inevitable emotions that come to define each of these moments. Working both in oils and pastel and mixed media on canvas, i paint human figures in their dreamiest moments, often framed by abstract spherical forms meant to symbolize the technological elements that have come to define our modern world. A tension is created in the juxtaposition of the fragmented spheres and the cohesiveness that’s intrinsic to the human figure captured in its most intimate moments. Colors serve to underscore this, with monochromatic colors set alongside softer hues to elucidate the stark contrast between these two realms. This is a time of atoms, bites, mega bites, information. We are merely people hiding their feelings behind texts and computers, chats, tweets and so on. It seems that there are more connections but less closeness. My work is about feelings, about being inside those atoms, waves, and frequencies. I am eager to transmit emotions.

While I use mostly oil colors, I often mix different materials to achieve what I want in my paintings. Some artwork builds itself inside those spheres made of fragments to show people at different moments.

Each projects is unique and intended to show and manifest some kind of emotion.