Lisa Pedicino is an art critic and writer based in Zurich, where she works as a freelance journalist and collaborates with art institutions. After a long-term education in art history, linguistic philosophy and post-Freudian critics, she holds an M.A. in contemporary art from La Sapienza University in Rome and started to work as editor in the editorial staff of ArteeCritica. Since 2012 she has been living in Switzerland, where she writes for several art magazines as Kunstbulletin and is a regular contributor to ArteeCritica. She collaborates with Kunstraum Walcheturm and is currently coordinating, along with Patrick Huber, a forthcoming project of exchange between Zurich and Milan inside the ProHelvetia program “Viavai - Contrabbando culturale Svizzera-Lombardia”. She also works with Videox Experimental Film Festival.