I came into the world in the small wheat growing town Walpeup in the Mallee, Victoria. Which is between the little desert and the sunset country both known for their natural beauty and wild flowers? Where I grow up to develop a deep bond with the Australian bush, through my father’s love of the same. I grow to have a strong connection with the biorhythms of nature. My father had a great love of photography which I learn from him, learning at an early age to record events, places and objects by photographs. Later as I was able to buy my own camera’s I discovered S.l.R cameras and it enabled me to enter a whole new world of creative photography to tell the story.
Then later in art school I develop a new way of looking at every day thing and a great understand of the objects from without and within. The beauty that can be found in the simple things we find around us that we take for granted every day, even as we walk down the street. I now photograph wild flowers of the Australian bush and record their beauty before they disappear under and foot paths of housing estates. Clearing of windbreaks and clearing of natural vegetation for convenience and to make a small increase in returns the land owners. I am attempting to portrait the wildflowers in nature romantic like setting (wildflowers in the mist e.g.) to help people to appreciate the nature beauty all around them.
John alcock (bushie john )