UK artist who has exhibited in UK, Zurich, New York, China, India, Italy and Bratislava.
My work explores the transient nature, purpose and interconnecting relationships of random moving figurative groups and their interaction within the space around them. Examining and incorporating the current social, political and religious conditions surrounding us, creates a narrative statement within the work and by expressing a personal response to co-occupying the space communicates a sense of displacement and a question of belonging and relevance within that space.
The work originates from drawing, photographic and observational studies of large public spaces where there is a continual sense of movement of form within the structures. These studies enable me to abstract the essence of emotion, form, space and colour for the paintings.
Oil paint, the main medium, I feel communicates more desirably the sense of continual movement and fluidity of the form within the work. Painterly mark making and a limited colour pallet further enhances the suggestion of mood and place, creating a more engaging visual experience and encourages the viewer to explore further and personally interact within the narrative and space of the work.
October+November 2013 Invited Artist Residency, Da Wang Cultural Highland Art Centre,Shenzhen, China
June 2012 - BA Hons in Fine Art Painting (OCA/University of the Creative Arts, UK)
June 2011 Diploma in Art and Design, Bath City College/University of the Arts London UK (Distinction)
2011- Life Art classes under artist Alex Zwalen, Zurich
2005-2010 Life Art classes under artist Jackie Harding, UK
Nov 2014 Winter Pride Art Awards, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London
December 2013 Winter Salon, River Gallery, Bratislava
December 2013 The 9th China,Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair, Da Wang Gallery, China
November 2013 Cityscapes Impressions, Da Wang Gallery, Shenzhen, China
July-Sept 2013 The Story of the Creative, New York
March 2013 Art for March Exhibition, Sloane Square Tube Station, London.
August 2012 'Bus-Tops 2012 Olympiad Project', Artwork 2,London, Arts Council England
June 2012 “7Up”, Gallery Le Sud, Zurich
May 2012 'Bus-Tops 2012 Olympiad Project', Artwork 1, London, Arts Council England
January 2012 “ Akt&Portrait”, Migros Klubsschule Wengihof, Zurich
June 2011 “Unearthing Potential”, Bath College Gallery, Bath, UK