Originally a classically trained painter and sculptor who employed traditional academic techniques with an emphasis on academic realism and naturalism, I now work predominantly on abstract works in a variety of mediums, both traditional and non-traditional.

My current work consists of intricate abstract paintings that are created with black oil-based paint upon primed and cradled panels, and are done entirely by freehand, without any preliminary sketches, prints, projections, or under-paintings. Each piece is relatively unplanned, as I try as best I can to allow for the ideas and mark makings to happen as naturally as possible. At each given moment I am not entirely sure what the final work will look like or even how the mark I am currently making will ultimately affect my ever changing idea of how to proceed. The paintings tend to grow, so to speak, slowly but surely, until they are finally 'finished.'

Aside from being inspired by my own life experiences and philosophies, my work is also influenced by my studies of quantum mechanics, ubuntu, biology, philosophy, taoism, buddhism, ancient history, and other varied scientific and spiritual interests.

Key concepts and ideas that relate to my work are: ubuntu, synergy, symbiosis, fluidity, inter-connectivity, mindfulness, compassion, harmony, spontaneity, diversity, balance, embracing change, and the paradox of simultaneous duality and non-duality.

Ultimately, I would hope that my work inspires, compassion, curiosity, and a sense of wonder and unity, while awakening innovative, creative, and abstract thought.