As a full time Printmaker and Painter, I think of my work as a means to express my personal journey.
I am interested in my youthful connection with ‘home Religion’ and showing how this journey has evolved into personal faith.
I originally studied scripture to develop imagery, adding words to help complete their meanings as in ‘The Four Evangelists’. However as my work developed I began to use time, space and quite to encourage self expression.
Snippets of childhood memories; my work helps me as an artist to except and understand how past influences benefit the future.
While I use different processes of art making my methodology is consistent throughout, the development from inherit faith to undoubted trust.
My work pitchs youth against maturity, rejection against acceptance and creates a new space for expression where each piece probes a new relationship between past and present.
Black and white varied in tone is used throughout my work in particular the ‘Skull series’ to re-represent not only ‘Death and Resurrection’ as the Skull symbolises but undoubted trust. Introduction of colour throughout each piece is representational of a message e.g. ‘My Lady’ a gold bumble bee sits on the crown of her head. The bee represents congregation (self) and the gold represents righteousness.