One of the central interests in my recent work – as an artist and writer – regards narrative forms and, in particular, the production of contexts and dynamics that surround the performative aspect intrinsic in narrative forms. The research I have been carrying on in the last years, attempts to investigate social and political conditions in which both language and narratives operate within given cultural systems, as well as their modes of operation. The study of events through an “evidential paradigm”, drawn by micro-factual details and clues through which a narrative thread can be developed, is an important tool for such research.

Furthermore, very central is the act of 'reading', which is intended not only as an actuation of a previously produced object, but primarily as a continuous attempt to construct a constellation between two moments in history: the one when the 'text' was created, and his subsequent readings. The 'moment of legibility' of a text becomes the chance to actualize those potentialities that remained latent. In my work, the attempt to construct constellations between different moments in time and in space is used as a technique to produce an interpretation of the event which slightly departures from the conventional standpoint – a view of the event from a slantwise position.