Kishore graduated in Bachelor in Visual Arts - a five year degree from the “Calcutta Govt. College of Arts & Crafts” (Calcutta University) from the year 1995 to 2000 Graduating First class and has been intensely influenced by the eternal works of Art has been a part of his entire existence since as early as childhood.
During school Kishore realized that for anything to do well, it must sell. Be it a thought, a concept, a product or for that matter art. He took the most logical route to pursue his ardor. By enrolling into art school. To keep his energies focussed around his passion, he chose to pursue digital/ commercial art as he feels that this would somehow be an important way of expression in the future.

His art knows no rules. This artist lets his art rule his thoughts and expressions. When something pulls at his heart strings, he gravitates towards it in an almost natural instinct. Experience, feelings and sensations form the foundation of his basic expression. You would find that he is most expressive in his depiction of people and places, among other things. He speaks eloquently through the universal language of his brushes and palette. He has a distinct style where he sometimes paints works that have a distinct luminosity & transparency. Digital art that he practices at the office every day has a sound influence on his works, in an almost cross-fertilizing way.

Today he is the creative art Director at Glu Mobile and creates the aesthetics for world class computer games. He paints for long hours through his weekends. Now he feels ready to face the world and influence it with his own interpretations. We seek to initiate a dialogue with galleries who may wish to entertain his talent for a mutually beneficial relationship. The successful partnership will essentially be a module based on establishing alliances internationally with established and recognized entities, sharing values and together showcasing contemporary art and the culture it represents in its best form.