Visiografika is a project that introduces in photography what photography itself introduced in art time ago. That is the knowledge of the existence of another space to investigate. The clear reading subject of the picture is abandoned in favour of lines, colors, forms that become subjects of an alternative art.

We are now leaving aside the formalism and create a new expressive code generated by the expression of emotions. Visiografika is exploring the edges of beauty, every image leaves on its own outside space, time and movement. Everything concentrates in our state of mind, everytime there is something different to feel, to see, to dream about.

The photocamera is used to paint and as a result you see pictures as done by a painter. The observer is free to see , to think, to dream, to feel whatever he wants to, whitout guidelines, just his heart and mind.

Visiografika is a neologism that Katia is using to define her work. These are not images ready-to-use, but dreamy paths that lead you outside the present. The observer has to leave reality to see, think, dream, feel without obligations.

This project blows when Katia feels the need to separate different emotions into different collections of images. This generates collection numbers, that have nothing to do with the emotions. These are casual numbers.

Visiografika is Katia’s need to express herself, to analyze emotions, to research deep states of mind, to paint.

The artist is constantly working at the project knowing that she can never write the word “end” to it.