This gap, This dance
was born out of a line of errors - each one enabled me to glance at my own reality with less control, allowing this video to be a small documentary moment in the most direct sense i could hope for.

I thought
Daniel would be an easy subject for a short documentary.
Under the impression that he walks around tel aviv placing installations in public areas i called him up and we sat for a talk.
It turns out that he is more of a dancer now, no installation currently.

Ok lets dance,
3rd floor of a roofless house, Daniel the camera and I met again.
I adjusted the shutter speed, the music and myself and we started improvising.
As unlikely as it may be, I promise you, the sun set faster that day. The camera's parameters became obsolete almost immediately .
I did not know this there and then. Only when I looked at the footage at home I realised

there was only darkness and sound.

I stretched
the histogram, brightened the image and added contrast generously. The image was revealed.
I recognized it and then again, I did not. The contrast between the visual fire-like flickers and the concrete sound created an unexpected gap. A gap between a colorful yet incoherent inner world and a tangibility of location, space and physical action.