Educated at the famous dramatic school Ecole Florent, in Paris, Marion Descamps’ paintings depict an encounter between the plastic and
performative arts. Boundless, and etched in a fluid and sensuous line, her semi-obscured figures depict the ‘play’ of actors in a scene where line, color and emotion are drawn between bodies in time and space. Color is a particular focus of Descamps’, providing a means of immediately accessing the viewer’s sense of memory and emotionality. Working primarily on canvas and plywood, the artist conceives of her images as a ‘skin texture’ which traverses the life of the artist, studio and model; where intersubjectivity determines the mood of the work and emotions ‘cross my brush to the other one’s glance.’ Invoking
themes around the social position of women, the works possess totemic and dreamlike qualities – lyrical in their sense of movement and enhanced by the dramatic overlay of opaque and semi-opaque regions of color.
Born in Lille, Marion Descamps currently lives and works in Paris.