Alain Delatour, inventive geometry
Alain Delatour's compositions are aesthetic melodies that transport us to an ethereal poetic universe. The artist’s hand shapes, it extracts a language of shapes and colors that is structured, declined with balance and delicacy. Rhythm, purity, musicality, mastery of the chromatic range nothing is left to chance in the creation of Alain Delatour's works. The repetition of the gesture reflects a form of active meditation by the artist that responds to his urgency to create. This inner necessity, an expression so dear to abstract painting, is freed from the codes of figuration to produce in us pure emotion. When we browse the works of Alain Delatour we think of Mondrian, Hans Hartung, in the refined language of the painters of the new school in Paris. The artist feeds on major upheavals in art to chart his course, sometimes paying direct tribute to his tutelary figures like the work Picasso. Symmetry, free forms, borders, broken lines, sequences, the motif becomes a manifesto of the artist’s creative freedom. In his compositions there is a search for simplicity that detonates with our triumphant society the image teeming with messages and radiating our gaze. Alain Delatour’s works deliver raw truth by channeling our attention to their organic beauties. The artist is in a way the intercessor, opening up access to his imagination. The Latin etymology of abstraction, to abstract, to extract, simply sums up its unifying aesthetic capacity. Alain Delatour knows his codes, he manipulates them, looking for new territories to explore. He recently developed a technique, Beer Abstract Painting, using the surface and the neck of a bottle of beer to use his abstract patterns on canvas. He thus diverts an object from the common which becomes a tool at the junction of the work and the artist's hand. Alain Delatour offers us powerful poetic works like so many people to explore.