Alain Delatour
The intoxication of view

"The irony and shortens breaks up, it breaks the continuity of discourse and establishes dialogue and dialectic. She stops en route, by asceticism, to avoid lapsing into the pathos of complacency. '
Vladimir Jankelevitch

To capture the essence of painting Delatour, do not stop at the first appearance reminds us that his works. As to commit such an odd, we would simply say: Delatour's work is a combination of the styles of Matisse and Mondrian: Matisse, she kept the love of simple shapes and sinuous lines of Mondrian, the intelligence of colors and structures. But merely to draw such a conclusion, we would miss the next "Pop" of these paintings, that is to say, what is their irony and conscious.

To say, at the outset, in a condensed form and brief: Delatour in the work of the intellectual and pedantic nature of abstraction (the blank character or spiritual) is reduced on the side of a simple and naive figuration, figuration while, as long as it merges in places with abstract frame that supports it, loses its simple and naive to become, on the contrary, something like a visual object unidentifiable. In other words, far from being a disciple of modern artists, Alain Delatour door to limit the extremes of the symbolic chain (abstraction and figuration) and makes them confused - or rather, self raise / lower - in a hearty laugh.

Frederick Charles Baitinger