Italy and especially Rome have inspired me since I was a boy.
By choice and sometimes out of necessity I have traveled the world.
I always been attracted by the people, as worlds to discover from which to reach shapes and colors.
I realize that digital art has great potential and analysing it, I find out that it offers a crowd of possibilities to make art using a computer.
I follow the current no-style, no label, no artistic restriction or recurrent topic since I seek the maximum expressive freedom.
Till now I have found inspiration from what I've lived and appreciated more, like music years 80 the female world and above all the pop-art.
My works are like montages that tell, through ephemeral style a short history which give moments of playful happiness.

For me the creative process is chaotic and it is the result of multiple overlapping.
I don’t want the control over the outcome, sometimes it's nice to leave to chance the task of creating its work.

In spite of the digital technology allows the reproduction of copies, I create only unique pieces in order to increase the value of the work and the connection with its owner.
The achievements are generally large and printed on high quality framed panels.

Live intensely and allowed to surprise.