I was born in Haifa, I attended and graduated
from the Technion, institute of technology in
Haifa where I earned a degree in architecture and urban design. In addition I possess a degree
in practical civil engineering with a specialization in road design. I also have a degree in Fine
Arts from the University of Haifa.

As an architect and civil engineer , I run and
manage a private office" Forum Azzam" for
architectural and urban design.

I grew up within the fortress and the high walls of Haifa with a view of the sea and the old houses that characterized the region.

In that period , I witnessed the acts of bulldozers
destroying old authentic houses and wiping them from existence. These scenes are still imprinted deep in my memory and have influenced my work to this day. Ancient houses, ruins and rubbles were strong inspirations in my earlier paintings.

The complex situation in the Middle East in general and Haifa in particular, impact my work significantly both in terms of maturity and the selection of issues I choose to feature in my work.

I always feel compelled to tackle political and
social issues in my work as they shape my identity, and define my homeland. I also like to use my talent to feature and represent the woman in my work.

To me a woman is the symbol of strength,
gentleness, beauty and struggle. Over time,
the women featured in my work are split into 3 different figures, as is the number of my daughters. . .

I started off by experimenting with natural materials like clay and wood and eventually was drawn towards painting...