Born in 1987,Pakistan,Lahore
where she still lives and works as a proffessional miniature painter and a free-lance artist.She discovered her passion for drawing and painting at the age of seven,after studying fine arts as an elective subject in her twelveth grade she did her bachelors with principal's honor award and also awarded honors in her thesis show from the best art institution of Pakistan;National College Of Arts,lahore in MINIATURE PAINTING ( the traditional art of the sub-continent) practiced and studied photography,oil-painting,print-making,sculpture over there with art history as her major subject. She was one of the best students from her batch,awarded scholarships throughout her four years of acadamics,selected for an exchange programme with Ecole des Beau Arts,Paris.2009.She was also awarded the title for the best young emerging artist of Pakistan from Al-hamra, Lahore .2010. Although to become a female artist was not very easy for her due to the social and political condition of her country; she is struggling and improving day by day.She describes arts as her passion and explains her work as an aesthetic pictography that is influenced by her surroundings. Her intense imagery is aimed to captivate the eye through its decorative surface like the World which is beautiful, but which serves to mask the violent nature of humans and their animal instincts. Her work is inspired by eclectic sources of personal experiences, where (cunning) rules and obligations dictate her life as definitive ‘last words’ and she feels, she no longer exists ……..and needs her art to express her very existence.
Wardha’s work depicts her sense of how she feels humans are changing into animals and their helpless state where their negativity overcomes their humane (positive) nature – through sharp lines which act as metaphors to voice her thoughts, yet to her, each of these lines denotes a galaxy of meanings rather than rigid ‘last words’.