I am applying on behalf of myself, Dave Tolchinsky, and my collaborator, Dan Silverstein:

Clay, wood, paint, and audio, 26” x 22” x 12”

Horror explores the space of indecision, the gray room between the perceived polarity/duality of paradise and inferno.Through one door (or gate, as the case may be) certain doom, through the next unlimited pleasure, and through the third — who knows what.True horror is not looking into the face of hell;true horror is not being able to decide.A musing about suburban paralysis and overwrit- ten TV, this is our first collaboration.

It is informed by Silverstein's recent trip to Berlin, where he became intrigued by the residue of barriers, both physical and emotional. With Tolchinsky's role as sometime screenwriter, sometime sound artist, and sometime curator (The Horror Show) and Silverstein's role as sometime exhibit manager (The Block Museum in Evanston, IL), sometime installer (The Horror Show), and sometime artist, Tolchinsky and Silverstein are also interested in what walls exist between artist, curator, and installer and how the walls of these categories may be pierced/turned into doors.