I introduce my self as one of the working Artist from Chennai. India. I am basically hailing from an artisan family having completed my PG in Ceramics and UG in Sculpture from College of Arts & Crafts Chennai and PGCHE from NTU, UK. My father, Grand father & Great Grand fathers were teaching faculties in College of Arts & Crafts, Madras, and our family is in the Art field for more than hundred years.

Presently I m working as asst; Professor in Pearl Academy of Fashion Chennai. Besides this we also manufacture Artists Art materials like Dry pastels, Black Crayons and Acrylic colors in the brand name of SUDHA'68, which is invented and established by my father a renowned Emeritus sculptor and Ceramist Mr.S.Kanniyappan. We also have a fully equipped studio and a casting foundry to do larger sculptures and installations in various mediums. I also work in copper sheet metal repose work for my traditional and contemporary sculptures. I would like to be more eloquent on my Work of Art and my experience. Since brevity is the soul of wit, I restrain myself from talking more of myself.

The following free Web site address is(artmajeur dot com/sasimitha) for your perusal in which you can go through on some of my works.

sasimitha at gmail dot com
artmajeur dot com/sasimitha