Her artful imagery specialises in a stylish natural, environmental based portraiture, of you, your children, your family, pets, or anything you would like captured for an everlasting moment.

I'm a beautiful 'NEW SOUL'..

Photographer & Radio Broadcaster! Thrown away my dancing shoes & apparently too fat to be Britains NEXT top model! I'm mostly an artist, and of course, they (Artists) never know quite which way there'll end up! Humpff. I work for myself as a Vintage Child Photographer 'for the New Souls' - Also DJ in the Cotswolds..!! NO Not music 'DJ' - I like chattering into my little friend called mike!

I once lived in the gutter of the Deep-Ford, in the blazing smoke of Landon town. But then took rise on the other side to Crouch-by-the-end of upper society. Presently, I reside 'Upon the Avon' of the Shakespearian, back home as that is where my heart is. Excavations to the City of what we call, London are only blissful LONG day trips to photograph the next in want-a-be Ugly models.
Suppose I don't really fit into any kind of box but, if i did. think it would be a shiny black, classic, elegant one, with paint splats on it. & a B&W photo stuck on top with a jelly baby without a head just to through you off the sent.

I am just me..& nothing else.
With miles of ambition, love & light for life. I love the 'free' thing's we get in LIFE. e.g. a nice hot bath, being in very good company, dancing, exploring new places, laughing out loud, lust & lots of passion, Being naked 'only in my house though', Cycling my bike, a great cup of tea, walks to the top's of the hill's, Getting lost in little town's & at the end of the day watching the sun go down.

I'll stop there
So suppose theres nothing more left to say other than
Hello my name is Charlotte, 20 something years, a dancer, artist, DJ, photographer, writer, 'well sometimes' who tends to live with my heart and not with my head.