With a sensitive visual sarcasm I want to provoke in a sublime way. Creating an attraction using elements that society recognize as being ugly, but yet necessary.
Through the camera I can observe the world around me and sometimes steal moments and keep them as they were. But sometimes the capture will only become a brick in my surreal wall!

Ever since I bought my first real camera at the age of 21 I’ve tried to notice the little things that easily get passed by. Once found I’ll use these images as a base in the creation of contemporary art. Technology has allowed me to take my photography to a different level. I can let my imagination fly always using the beauty of reality as my base. The long and cold winters in Sweden have pushed me around the world, hand in hand with my camera I’ve been looking for inspiration and beauty. I found so much more and my passion for art has only grown stronger. I’m not chasing the perfect picture, I’m just after parts I can use in the creation of something else. This process will first force me out into the world and then inside my own head to find these pictures. I love colors, lines and contrasts which I try to combine with simple images I’ve shot around the world.