I have been a lifelong Artist. My Collected work of over 40 years is finally approaching the fulfillment of my artistic vision. The primary purpose of my work is to satisfy my creative vision. I see things which I strive to portray as images. I have spent my life trying to learn to use the tools that I need to unlock what I think about.
Ive lived in Northwest New Jersey since 1977. Almost all of the art from then on has "photographic reference" and is of an imaginary or dreamlike enhancement of my photos and a re-examination of my painted images from my whole portfolio. These are my DreamScapes. I have made music throughout my life as well.

In 2010 I started a multi-media series based on similar project I did in 1971. The "40 Years Later Project" will consist of 30 or more multi-media compositions all 9"x12" all done outside all done between March 18th and September 18th 2010.