My paintings and drawings are touching, cheerful, sad and grim, in both color and form. It is defined by great contrasts, as in life; it is beautiful but not always easy to grasp. Deep dark emotions are touched, yet they remain in the unknown. I use figurative cartoonesque figures whose puzzling appearances are like characters in fairytales. You never really know what they are about, and a dark side is always present.

In de creative process my mood is very important to the outcome of a specific work. You can tell how I was feeling at that time. Personally it is a way to express myself, and using an identifiable visual language, these emotions become common.

I am using a characteristic style. And I am still moving forward with it. Now I am searching for ways to incorporate abstract instinctive forms into the existing figurative work. While working I try to find a state of mind in which I can draw and paint lines as if it is a map of my mind, which I would otherwise never find out. One sees it, one feels it, but it's hard to find words to describe it. Like fever dreams. And this is where my music comes in; I have had an education in classical music, and I am using this background to create soundscapes to accommodate my works creating a fourth dimension. Through music I am able to emotionally describe what a specific work to me is about. Like a non-verbal description.

Technically my visual work consists of figurative elements and colour fields. Size differs depending on the image; it varies from 20 x 20 cm to 200 x 300 cm. For the background I put several transparent layers of acrylic on canvas or wood, sometimes mixed with ink or charcoal.