Katarina Polgary activities to generate forms from completion of studies. First be given to the architectural and design work. Since the nineties forms hanging artworks. His fine art presents publicly since 1997, when it had first solo exhibition in Wels, Austria. Gradually presented at numerous collective and solo exhibitions not only in Slovakia but also abroad. Mention participation in international exhibitions such as. Europastello (2002) in the Italian Alba and Russian St Petersburg (2003), Berlin (2011) and also is a regular subscriber to the International Biennial of pastels in Polish Nowy Sacz (2006). It s now the most important foreign participation in the presentation of the III. International Biennial of Art in Beijing (2008), where she was selected as one of the registered artists from Slovakia. Her series "Colors continents' pay in the catalog of the international event that important place.
Their art watercolor artist presented at the International Triennial watercolor in Lucenci, Slovakia (2016).
Katarina Polgary is a member of the Slovak art forum, Polish Society pastelist and actively participates in various international art symposiums. Since 2011 Katharina Polgary chairwoman of the Association of Contemporary Art of Slovakia and the artistic manager of the Association of watercolor art.

The author lives and works in Slovakia, Chorvatsky Grob near Bratislava.