Random, sequential, organic rhythms and patterns are revealed in often monochromatic, introspective works that seek to represent nature in it's purest form. My love for contemporary ceramics informs my method of working and although my paintings can be loosely described as 'landscapes', memories, ideas and experiences are all woven into semi-abstract planes and resonant bands of colour and texture.

In complete contrast to my fascination with the divisional horizontal, circular work expresses my present all-encompassing journey through the eternal cycles of creation and decay, existence and non-existence.

Whilst the process I use is a dance with tools and medium which is often quite vigorous in nature, the critical essence of my work is contemplation of the transition of states from rage through to equilibrium and then to complete tranquillity, a cycle that requires resilience in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

My intention is to offer allegorical, ecological food for thought so that my paintings are seen as a celebration of spontaneity, complexity, minimalism and the random nature of the primordial and the organic.

Each new piece reveals more than the constantly shifting patterns of nature; duality, humanity and the perpetual flux of existence in all it's forms emerge for consideration.