Patrick Tabarelli (Verona, Italy – 1979).

My artistic research makes use of the mechanisms of perception in the alienating presentation of images, using painting as medium, together with the creation of settings and video. My work is always open to a sort of “perceptive uncertainty”. Starting with the simplest of instruments, either recycled or created by my self, I try to present a complexity and precision typical of mechanical or digital images, rendering problematical the expressive gesture that is typical of the historic Informal movement and setting up a dichotomy between the processes of creation and the final aesthetic datum. My surfaces are as flat as possible, and the tones are dominated by chiaroscuro effects and by the use of a palette of tertiary colours. I suggests a sort of pluralism in the partial and segmented use of space, in order to hint at the various passages and gestures that succeed each other in making the work.

Solo Exhibitions: 2015 “crossing-over”, HangarBicocca, Milan. 2011 “Lifted”, curated by A. Baldoni. Grafiche Oldoni, Milan. 2008 “Fertilis” (with Claudia Piatti), curated by D. Vescovi, Grafiche Oldoni, Milan.

Group Exhibitions: 2013 “Surfacing – works by emerging artists from the UK and Italy”, curated by B. Pelly-Fry e L. Lang, Griffin Gallery, Londra. “Last Young – Under 35 in Italia”, curated by A. Baldoni, R. Farinotti, L. Respi, Villa Brivio, Nova Milanese. “Co.Co.Co – Como Contemporary Contest 2013”, San Pietro in Atrio, Como. “Arte in Sarpi”, curated by R. Farinotti, Spazio Annunciata, Milan. “Tetris”, Michele Bazzana – Tiziano Martini – Patrick Tabarelli, MARS, Milan. “Artist Outreach Program Award”, Arte Accessibile Milano, Spazio Eventiquattro, Milan – best awarded under 35. “Artists for Nutopia”, Museum of New Art, Nutopia, curated by A. Baldoni. 2012 “Seconda pelle”, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan. “Summer Show. Anteprime stagione 2012-2013”, Galleria Rubin, Milan. “Seminario sulla Giovenù”, curated by I. Quaroni, Arte Accessibile Milan, Spazio Eventiquattro e PWC Experience, Milan. “Parola, Immagine – un possibile viaggio”, Istituto Stefano Maria Legnani, Saronno. “Salon Primo 2012”, Ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo, Milan. 2011 “Co.Co.Co. – Como contemporary contest”, Spazio Natta, Como. “Drawing Connections”, Siena Art Institute, Siena. “Artifici 2007/2011”, curated by F. Sainini, Grafiche Oldoni, Milan. “Una mano per AIL – Il giusto mezzo” Fund Raising Auction organized by Christie’s, Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan. “Osservatorio 4, H2O”, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana Lomellina (PV). 2010 “Officina Creativa”, Santa Verdiana, 2010, Florence. “Immaginari Video”, curated by M. Coletti, Clip Up, Guardo Tadino (PG). “Kilometro20 +1”, curated by D. Vescovi, Torrione Farnese, Castell’Arquato (PC). “Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2009/2010”, Afam/Miur, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli. 2009 “Una mano per AIL” Fund Raising Auction organized by Christie’s, Palazzo Clerici, Milan. 2008 “Milano in Digitale III” , curated by C. Trivellin e M. Ghilardi, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.