I first conceived of the underlying image in this recent work as a big hanging – 98” x 88” – to be made by taking an outline of a silhouette of a head, then shrinking that line and superimposing it upon the original over and over again creating a series of ever smaller images coalescing to a point. I called this image, made in two panels, the “Vanishing Diptych”. Focusing on the textures that made up the parts of the image, I turned many smaller areas of the original into pictures in their own right. When I overlapped these images on transparant layers in Photoshop, I created a long series of novel interactions and strong colors.

The “Four Faces” image is based on an superposition of four of the profiles. When I colored and overlapped diffeently colored layers as well as entire images, making the layers interact in a variety of ways, I was able to create the many different versions of an underlying vision that are shown here. These images exemplify my delight in color and form, and also my search for a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface.