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Lou Reade is highly inspired by the places she visits. Her most recent work (2010/11) is inspired by San Francisco. She is interested in the way the buildings overlap each other, seeming to create quite an abstract reality. The process of Lou’s artwork is usually quite exaggerated; distinct from the city’s first impression of natural colours and careful geometry. Lou envisions the places she visits as bright colours and expressive marks, and so her representation holds a certain truth. Lou knows that the more you look at a place, the more truthful each expressive mark becomes.

Bicycle series:
Lately my art has been taken over by a light hearted preoccupation of bicycles. Pretty ones at that, not boyish ones.

I doodle them quite often, and am beginning to remember where all the little bicycle bits should go.

The question I am asked most about my art is
‘Do you ride bicycles?’
my answer is
‘Not really...’