Based in Manila, Philippines. Self-taught visual artist. Studied Mechanical Engineering and Multimedia Arts & Sciences at Mapua Institute of Technology.
I live in a new world where it is surreal and where dreams, fantasies are the reality. I adhere to the thought that everything is as what we imagine it to be. My reflections in canvas reveal some imaginings and ruminations which meld with reality triggered by my past and ongoing experiences, and they have such personal weight that I hope can affect others who encounter my works. I am inclined to paint my perpetually evolving encounters and re-imagined moments, frustrations, exaggerations that I try to compress and expand in my reflexively conjured images. My paintings are also of other people and our environment, the longings and aspirations with such hope and intent that these create magic and fruitful engagement in this dazed, often conflicted human environment suffused with suffering, agony as well as love.

My art is a new semi-abstraction created through psychedelic processes but as I explore my skills and sensibilities, I am interested in the melding of traditional aesthetics and contemporary visual outcomes. I allow my mind to wander freely and unceasingly, even to get lost in the moment, flux of imagination and small epiphanies until they produce visual marks that yield their own resonance and sense of meaning.

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