For the past eight years, I have studied color on my own terms.  My awareness of vetted color systems and theories provides a foundation for my advancement. Yet, the experience and knowledge I’ve gained through daily experimentation with color has proven to be the most fruitful.  Color exploration is pure freedom for me. To follow any particular system would create barriers within my process, and I would lose interest.  I remain utterly in awe of the power of color, and I admire those who pursue its study formally. 

Geometry is equally influential in my work and serves as a psychological opposite. While my exploration of color invites freedom, geometric shapes invite control.  The two components balance one another perfectly, harmonizing my creative process. I have a methodic ritual that I follow each and every time.  While my process is regimented and seemingly straightforward, the end result of each painting is always a bit different than expected.

In a poetic sense, my process is reflective of life’s pattern, an invitation to both the sublime and the applied.