I was born in Slovakia on 09.17.1967 and now I live in Osnabrueck, Germany.
I graduated from University of Osnabrueck majoring in the Arts and Art history.
I have participated with my work in various international exhibitions.
My technique is not focused only on the contemporary art but
I am interested in the contrast between the artwork of the Spanish and Flemish portrait painters of the 17th Century and the contemporary art.
In this new interpretation of the baroque portraiture paintings I enter new path of experimenting with all sorts of unconventional choice of color defyin my individual style.
In my paintings I try to focus viewers' attention on the emotions of the people being depicted there.
Knowingly I am going against the superficiality and lack of interest of society and culture over suffering of others. This applies especially to the children who must endure suffering, poverty and humiliation before they reach adulthood.